Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Moonstone Books Details Tenth "The Phantom: Ghost Who Walks"

From Moonstone Books:


Story: Mike Bullock
Art: Silvestre Syzilagyi
Colors: Bob Pedroza
Covers: by Steve Scott
32pgs, color, $3.99

“Godfall” Part III (of V)

Child Soldiers, old enemies and dark hallways deep within HIM’s castle aren’t exactly what Phantom had in mind. But wait until he discovers what’s waiting for him deep in the bowels of the bloodiest castle in all of Africa.

(Cover A=75%, Duo-tone wide shot virgin Steve Scott cover =25%)

”This book looks as good as anything coming out of the Big Two, and it reads better than most of it." – Comixtreme

“The Phantom may be decades old but his stories continue to be fresh, relevant and exciting.” – BrokenFrontier [END]

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