Thursday, December 3, 2009

Clash Comics is New Online Comics Publisher

Press release from Clash Comics:


Clash Comics is here! The newly-launched, online-only comicbook publisher is aiming to change the way comics are read, moving them from the printed page to the online page, and calling it the evolution of comics, the revolution of online comics.

Having gathered a small but growing number of like-minded writers and artists, Clash has already put together half a dozen diverse titles ranging from the ever-popular superhero genre to sci-fi, horror and fantasy with plans to release at least one new title each and every month. Having just launched their debut title, Clash is determined to build an online-only stable of high quality, high concept, cutting-edge titles comparable to any traditional comicbook publisher.

Darrell Andrews, Editor-in-Chief and Publisher, explains his vision: “There’ll always be printed comics – and I wouldn’t want it any other way – but the comic medium now has the perfect opportunity to expand its audience and reach the new, ever-growing audience of webcomic readers, those who don’t go into a comicbook store to buy their comics, they read and search online for their regular four-color fix. The internet is the perfect method of distribution and delivery and it makes for a potentially huge, eagerly awaiting readership. Digital publication is the evolution of comics, I have no doubt of that, and Clash intends to revolutionize comics online!”

“Clash is going to be much more than a cool-sounding name! It’s going to reflect the diversity of material we intend to publish! I want our comics to push the boundaries of the comicbook medium and not to be afraid to take chances on a title or concept that may usually find it hard to reach an appreciative audience in print. Ultimately, we want to publish a whole range of titles to suit each and every reader’s taste who may visit us. We want to have something for everyone.

And yes, if readers want teen angst or romance then we’ll give them a comic with it all in abundance.”

Clash’s debut title is called The Dream Team and is about a dysfunctional group of characters who come together each night during their sleep in a virtual reality dreamworld. With their minds networked together by means of a device called the DreamBox, they become powerful super-heroes who team-up to relax and kick-back while fighting the forces of evil.

Darrell Andrews continues: “It’s the X-Men meets The Matrix with some Life on Mars (UK TV version) added into the mix. The Dream Team is about a group of strangers who meet-up each night in their dreams to become super-powered heroes in a limitless new dimension. But, like any new frontier, there are those who want to control it and gain power. Our heroes not only have problems of their own to conquer in the real- world, they also have to contend with a whole new life they have made for themselves and the new set of troubles that brings them in their dreams. Really, if you like super-team books then you’ll love The Dream Team and the new take on a classic genre we’ve developed!”

The next two titles appearing on the Clash Comics website after The Dream Team are a horror comic entitled Bloodlust and the return of a super-heroine bad girl some long-time comics readers may have heard of called Octobriana.

“Bloodlust is going to be one exciting comic! If you hadn’t guessed from the title, it’s about everyone’s favorite creatures-of-the-night and it asks the question of how would an underworld of olde-worlde vampires handle the emergence of a whole new breed of blood-sucking immortals kitted-out with an arsenal of the most powerful high-tech weaponry modern warfare has to offer and all at their disposal? You just know there’s going to be trouble with the two factions and mankind is stuck in the middle of the conflict. But what makes this title extra special is the two opposing antagonists – a couple of well-known literary vampires each with their own stake in winning the undead war. And it’s drawn by one helluva great artist too!”

“Octobriana is the return of comicdom’s original bad girl, the Russian Devil-Woman herself, out from the public domain darkness once again and back into the spotlight in her own, ongoing series. We’re staying true to the character’s origins – and if you know Octobriana then you’ll know how risqué that could get! – while at the same time giving her a much-needed makeover visually. It’s not a re-imagining or a relaunch, we’re just updating her for today’s more demanding audience. It’s action-packed, it has a trio of wonderful supporting characters including a witch from the Salem Witch Trials, a Native American Indian from post-Revolutionary times and an alien pilot for Oct’s Wonder Machine. It’s really hot too and is definitely not to be missed if you like great comics!”

So what makes Clash Comics different to other online ventures? “We’re offering each title on a regular, monthly schedule by subscription only. It’ll be quick and easy to sign-up and even quicker to cancel if need be. We don’t want our readers to come back at random intervals whenever they think about it, we’re making it simple for them to register once and then easily add or swap more titles when they want to. We believe offering our titles as subscription-only will be an important factor in the key to success.”

“Don’t miss out on great comics! Read them, either online or in print, but don’t overlook a comic you may really enjoy. Give digital comics the chance they deserve and support them now! Comics are comics whichever format they are published in.”

The Dream Team is available to subscribe to now from the Clash Comics website at: [END]

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