Monday, December 21, 2009

Wallace and Gromit Digital Comic a Hit

Press release from Titan Publishing:

Wallace & Gromit digital comic reaches half a million downloads!

Titan Publishing's Wallace & Gromit digital comic is taking the iPhone by storm with over half a million downloads of its first free app!

Since its launch on November 7, Wallace & Gromit digital comic has reached number one in the UK free books app store, a first for a British comic and has also risen to the number three spot overall in the free apps chart, a cracking feat and no mistake! All four paid for Wallace & Gromit comic apps have been within the top 20 paid apps in the UK book chart since their launch in November.

And it’s not only us Brits who can’t get enough of Aardman’s iconic duo – it’s currently the number one free book download in America and Canada and number 2 in Australia!

Wallace & Gromit digital comics editor Ned Hartley said: "We've been amazed at how well our first app has done - Wallace & Gromit is such a great brand, and iPhone users obviously love them as much as we do!"

You can download the first Wallace & Gromit Comic, ‘The W Files’ for free at www.titanpublishing/digital, and there are four other fantastic Wallace & Gromit comics available at the app store, for just 59p/$0.99 each!

Wallace & Gromit digital comics are also now available for download on PSP! Issue 1 is available for free and subsequent issues are just 79p/$0.99 each – with each issue containing two great Wallace & Gromit stories!

To find out more information and to download some cracking comics,

About Wallace and Gromit:
Wallace and Gromit are the main characters in a series consisting of four British animated short films and a feature-length film by Nick Park of Aardman Animations. All the characters were made from modelling clay on metal armatures and filmed using stop motion animation.

Wallace, an over-ambitious yet well meaning inventor is a cheese enthusiast (especially for Wensleydale cheese). His companion, Gromit, is an anthropomorphic intelligent dog. Wallace is voiced by veteran actor Peter Sallis; Gromit remains silent, communicating only through facial expressions and body language.

Due to their popularity, the characters have been called positive international icons of modern British culture and of the British people. BBC News has called them "some of the best-known and best-loved stars to come out of the UK." The short films The Wrong Trousers and A Close Shave and their full length feature The Curse of the Were Rabbit received Academy Awards. The first short film A Grand Day Out, was nominated for the Academy Award for Animated Short Film, but lost to Creature Comforts, another animated creation of Nick Park.

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About Titan Magazines:
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