Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Comics Bronze Age Updates for December 2 2009

From Andrew Wahl at Comics Bronze Age:
Dear Readers:
A few things from Comics Bronze Age that might be of interest to your readers:

• December's Talking Point discussion question is "What are your favorite Christmas-themed comics of the Bronze Age?"

• Recent reviews include:
- The time-travel adventure from Marvel Team-Up #41-46:

- Individual reviews of the first 25 issues of John Byrne's Fantastic Four:

- This week it's DC's short-lived, under-appreciated Ragman series:

• Next week, in addition to daily reviews, I'll be posting the second set of my Bronze Age Grad School reaction papers. These papers are being written as part of my Master’s studies through Fort Hays State University. The first set can be found here:

Cheers (of the holiday kind, no less),
Andrew [END]

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