Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Steven Grant Co-Writes Captain Action Special #1

Press release from Moonstone Books:
Story: Steven Grant, Tony Lee
Art: Art Thibert, Jake Minor
Colors: James Brown
Cover A: Eduardo Barretto
Cover B: Jerry Ordway
Cover C: Dan Spiegle
48pgs, color, $5.50

Having just caught his breath after seemingly vanquishing the Red Crawl, Captain Action now must face the woman called Offshoot in this thrilling full length stand-alone tale! And the action doesn’t stop – with two exciting back-up stories featuring a spy thriller Lady Action tale, and Action Boy’s ferocious black panther, Khem, in a solo adventure!

(covers ship as COVER A = 75%, Cover B =25%)

**RETAILER INCENTIVE: for every 3 copies purchased, you can purchase one copy of the Dan Spiegle variant, retail = $5.50

***If a total of 5 or more copies are purchased (of all covers), then you can order one FREE copy of Cover C! [END]

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