Tuesday, December 1, 2009

John Holmes' Johnny Wadd a Comic Book Hit

Press release from Terminal Press:
Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Back in Print

Terminal Press sold out the entire first printing of Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here after a heaping load of fan support and positive reviews. For those that missed out on the limited-run title the first time around, TP is psyched to announce a second printing, locked, loaded and available right now.
As part of Terminal Press’ series of limited-run books, “Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here” was only available directly through TP online and convention appearances. The title quickly sold out, but fans and collectors who missed their chance the first time around kept asking for more. With a brand new variant cover by writer/artist Tony Fleecs, everyone involved in the project is happy to get copies into the hands of a whole new audience.

"Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here" takes the cult classic Johnny Wadd character made famous by John Holmes and transports him into a gritty crime drama set in present-day Mexico.

“Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here” is written by Tony Fleecs (In My Lifetime, Wonderlost, Li'l FireBreather), with art by Dave Wachter (Scar Tissue, The Guns of Shadow Valley), colors by Narek Gevorgian (Silent Assassin) and Separations by Joe Frazzetta.

Here is what people are saying about this Terminal Press title:
“It’s damned good. Five out of Six Bullets.” - Christopher Mills, GunsInTheGutter.com

"Stop it! Stop complaining that comics aren't good enough. Stop moaning that all you can find is derivative genre garbage. Stop whining about the glut of moronic super-hero books and impenetrable shoe-gazer lit-comix . You're holding in your hands the tonic to all those ills. Tell Them Johnny Wadd Is Here is the cure you didn't even know you needed. This book makes clear once and for all that not only is Fleecs one of the most exciting young artists on the comic scene, but also one of its best new writers." - Phil Hester, Writer of the Coffin, The Darkness, The Atheist and FireBreather. Artist of Swamp Thing, Green Arrow, Ant Man, Marvel Teamup and Clerks amongst many others.

"Tony Fleecs is a rising star in comics, and with Wachter's able hands, you've got one of the best reads of the year." - Joshua Hale Fialkov, Harvey nominated Creator of Elk's Run and Punks the Comic, writer of Cyblade & Vampirella.

“Tell Them Johnny Wadd is Here” second printing is available right now and will only be available from terminalpress.com (http://www.terminalpress.com/tell-them-johnny-wadd-is-here-1.html) and at Terminal Press’ convention appearances.Get more info on all new Terminal Press titles first on the TP Facebook Fan Page – http://www.facebook.com/pages/Terminal-Press/110121042984 [END]

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