Tuesday, December 15, 2009

New Episode of Stan Lee's Time Jumper Arrives

The text of the press release below actually had to do with the 6th episode of Stan Lee's web motion comics, Time Jumper. The 8th episode arrives today at iTunes:


Charity and Sam meet in an undisclosed warehouse. They appear to be scheming something together. Sam continues to pop pills to relieve his body aches of deteriorating DNA. Could he be in on her ploy to dominate the world?

Meanwhile, Terry is in a Washington DC prison cell and has a notebook on hand that his father Arthur left him. It’s crammed with random number sequences, DNA coils, odd symbols and words in German. Lee Excelsior appears before Terry in jail and hands him his Articulus to escape. Terry makes several jumps in time -- to Siberia, then to the British Isles, then to the Paleozoic era and then to 2026 -- where he finds himself with an aged Eric Bellmont.

Eric explains to Terry all the different ways Charity has affected wrinkles in time and confirms her evilness. She almost knocked Earth off its timeline! Suddenly, Terry spots Sam Dixon...the plot thickens.

EPISODE 7 - 12/1
EPISODE 8 - 12/15
EPISODE 9 - 12/29
EPISODE 10 - 12/29

Purchase Time Jumper on iTunes:
Individual Time Jumper episodes retail for just $0.99 on iTunes.com or for just $7.99 you can purchase a “Season Pass” which automatically loads all 10 episodes on your iTunes account as they become available. To purchase, visit www.itunes.com/timejumper.

About Time Jumper:
Stan Lee (creator of Spider-Man, X-Men, The Hulk, and the Fantastic Four) and Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment have joined forces to co-produce Time Jumper, an exciting new superhero story told in 5-8 minute episodes. This original short form content combines motion graphics, video, music, and voice over to create a unique comic book experience set to release on multiple platforms including but not limited to mobile, online, games, DVD and publishing.

Time Jumper is being written and developed to offer a dynamic opportunity for consumers to engage in a multi-dimensional narrative adapted specifically for various platforms, to maximize their experience and interaction with the characters and their universe trans-media. Consumers will have the accessibility to download single or multiple episodes onto a media platform of their choice anytime, anywhere, as well as purchase the comic book in print. The new digital motion comic format combines the traditional print look and feel, including dialogue and thought bubbles, with today’s cutting edge multimedia elements, including edgy visuals, music, voices and a fast-paced storyboard, to take a classic genre into the next dimension.

Storyline Synopsis:
Twenty-year-old college student Terry Dixon has the most unique mobile device on Earth -- The Articulus, a time travel device developed by Terry’s genius father, Arthur Dixon. To prevent the Articulus from falling into the wrong hands, Arthur coded it to work only with his DNA. After a laboratory experiment claims Arthur’s life, Terry and his older brother Sam become the only people capable of using it.

Recruited into secret crime fighting organization H.U.N.T. (Heroes United, Noble and True) after the mysterious disappearance of golden boy Sam, Terry becomes a reluctant hero living in his brother’s shadow. As he struggles to fill his new role, unnatural shifts in the course of history send Terry hurtling through time to capture Charity Vyle, the diabolical leader of criminal cartel C.U.L.T. (Council of Unstoppable, Lethal Terrorists).

But something more than just Terry’s molecules are being reconfigured as he leaps across time, and it threatens to corrupt everything he understands about who he is, and whether the world is actually worth saving after all…
For more in-depth information about the series, characters and behind-the-scenes video please visit www.TimeJumperComics.com. [END]

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