Saturday, September 18, 2010

Elephantmen Volume 1 Gets a New Edition


Image Comics publishes revised and expanded ELEPHANTMEN VOL. 1

November sees a new edition of the critically acclaimed ELEPHANTMEN VOL. 1: WOUNDED ANIMALS TP.

Currently out of print, the new printing of the ELEPHANTMEN VOL. 1 trade paperback has been expanded and revised to include the series' sold out zero issue, painted by LADRÖNN, as well as an all-new sketchbook section by Moritat and the ENGLISH & MEDIA STUDIES back matter from the single issues!

The scribes behind the issues in this epic new edition include RICHARD STARKINGS, JOE CASEY (OFFICER DOWNE, Avengers: The Origin) and JOE KELLY (I KILL GIANTS, Amazing Spider-Man). In addition to LADRÖNN, artists MORITAT (The Spirit), HENRY FLINT (Judge Dredd), TOM SCIOLI (GØDLAND), DAVID HINE (THE BULLETPROOF COFFIN, Detective Comics), and CHRIS BACHALO (Sandman, Amazing Spider-Man) all lent their pencils and pens to this collection, and BOO COOK (Judge Dredd) has provided a dazzling new cover.

ELEPHANTMEN creator, Richard Starkings is overjoyed: "Revisiting our first seven issues -- EIGHT when you count the origin issue illustrated by Ladrönn -- made me proud. We've come so far, but so much of what we set out to do four years ago is perfectly encapsulated in this first volume. In addition to the new trade dress, which now matches the sleek and sexy graphics of volumes 2 and 3, we've added over 80 pages of back matter from the original, increasingly hard-to-find back issues, and my fellow countryman, BBC radio and TV personality and TURF co-creator Jonathan Ross has kindly provided a whole new introduction for us, so just about everything in this first collection feels new again."

"There really isn't another book like ELEPHANTMEN on the market, and that's something I'm exceptionally proud of," added Image Comics Publisher Eric Stephenson. "Richard has assembled a crack team of creative talent to produce one of the most unique comic book reading experiences available, and this collection is the perfect introduction to this rich and endlessly fascinating world."

ELEPHANTMEN VOL.1: WOUNDED ANIMALS Revised and Expanded TP, a full-color 312-page trade paperback collecting issues #0-7 of the ongoing series, will be in stores November 3, 2010. The hardcover edition of VOL. 1 (JAN071927) is now available, as are ELEPHANTMEN VOL. 2: FATAL DISEASES (HC: AUG082238; TP: OCT090372) and ELEPHANTMEN VOL. 3: DANGEROUS LIAISONS (HC: FEB100355; TP: FEB108471).

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